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How do I Find the Right Fit? It Starts With You...

You know the idiom, “walk a mile in my shoes?” I think it means…I got you…been there and I can empathize.

Have you ever wondered why you feel aggravated when you see your friends and family members enjoying their life, while you are clouded with thoughts of not feeling good enough?

Low self-worth negatively impacts and ripples through people. It’s a fact, I’ve been there. Just take a scroll on your social media page.

Are you clouded with irrational thoughts?

Often times I hear clients share similar irrational thoughts

  • “I’m never good enough”

  • “I’m always getting things wrong.”

  • “no one understands”

  • “I know something bad will happen.”

I believe a shift in perspective is needed when doors close, disaster strikes, or disappointments are near. I also believe a shift in our thinking is needed to fully experience the happy and joyful moments in life.

Do you want to explore those thoughts?

How are they are connected to emotions and ultimately behaviors?

  • Thoughts drive our emotions which affect our behaviors.

Discovering Play Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy has provided a catalyst to which I connect and explore with my clients. My therapeutic approaches are hands-on and usually enhanced with visual elements and creativity. Using specific and creative materials allows my clients the opportunities to express themselves in their own unique style which will empower them to explore and discover their own true size (self).

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