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Play Therapy

Play Therapy 101: Galloway Counseling Services Offers Innovative Evidence-Based Therapy.

Attending and progressing through therapy can be a challenging task, particularly when children are involved. Processing difficult emotions can be hard for children and adults alike. As a result, it can be helpful to have a therapeutic process that helps to make the process more fluid. Play therapy is a form of therapy commonly offered to children, but also utilized by adults.

For families and individuals looking to progress through therapy via a fun and interactive process, Galloway Counseling Services, LLC is prepared to help.

Explore the World of Play Therapy

When we first began discussing play therapy, what came to mind? Easy to misconstrue, play therapy is not exactly what you might think. It does not focus on our children's everyday regular play, but it DOES focus on therapy that is adjacent to what they are familiar with.

Julie Galloway of Galloway Counseling Services believes in the power and efficacy of play therapy for several different reasons. Among the leading benefits of play therapy is that it allows individuals to process their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without any extraneous pressure. There is no focus on finding the 'right' words as the right words aren't always easy to find. According to a study published by Play Therapy International, 71% of children undergoing play therapy have experienced some positive change.

Here are the common objectives that therapists focus on when guiding clients through play therapy.

  • Make Therapy a 'Hands On' Event

  • Process Difficult Emotions While Focusing on Problem Solving

  • Develop And Explore Social Skills

  • Build Stronger Interpersonal Relationships Within the Family Unit


Julie Galloway LPC is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with her master of Science Degree in Counselor Education. Julie takes both pride and joy in the impact that play therapy can have on individuals in need through techniques like roleplay, art, and even music.

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