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Couples Counseling

Rejuvenate Your Relationship With Couples Counseling at Galloway Counseling Services, LLC.

Marriage counseling is often looked at as the last stand against a deteriorating relationship. With that being said, learning how to communicate and resolve conflict with a significant other can be beneficial at any point in a relationship. For that reason, people are increasingly turning to couples counseling to help resolve conflict, learn problem-solving modalities, and even push their relationships to the next level.

For couples located in and around Lafayette, LA, Galloway Counseling Services, LLC can offer winning therapeutic solutions to repair the relationships that matter most.

1) What Does Couples Counseling Entail?

Couples counseling revolves around a select set of therapeutic modalities all geared around resolving conflict, improving communication, and increasing the level of respect shared between two parties. As couples progress through counseling with Galloway Counseling Services, they will increase their emotional awareness while developing positive relational patterns.

2) What Are the Objectives of Couples Counseling?

Every couple will attend the counseling services designed and tailored for their needs. As no two couples are the same, sessions will vary based on what works best within the group dynamic. With that being said, Julie Galloway LPC promotes the following counseling objectives when offering marriage counseling and couples counseling services.

  • Engage in Solutions Focused Problem Solving

  • Create a Foundation of Respect Between All Parties

  • Target Specific Problems Within a Relationship

  • Determine the Steps Needed to Salvage a Relationship

  • Create Tangible Goals Agreed Upon Between Couple and Therapist


Julie Galloway is the founder of Galloway Counseling Services. Julie is a registered play therapist that focuses on developing evidence-based therapeutic outpatient services for families and individuals. Julie likes to create a fun and entertaining environment where clients can progress at a rate that is both comfortable and steady.

To pursue marriage or couples counseling services today, contact Galloway Counseling Services for a consultation.

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