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Mental Health Counseling

Galloway Counseling Services Offers Mental Health Counseling To Help Find Support & Peace of Mind.

According to a report published by the CDC, more than 19% of adults in the United States would go on to receive mental health treatment. As the push for de-stigmatization around mental health services continues, individuals are coming to learn all of the benefits that the service can provide.

For individuals looking to grasp a problem or overcome an obstacle, the individual counseling sessions at Galloway Counseling Services, LLC can help.

Embrace Mental Health and Wellness and Rejuvenate Your Life

Deciding to attend individual counseling can be a monumental first step toward reclaiming peace of mind and wellness. Through the assistance of Julie Galloway, individuals can expect to target and complete the following objectives.

  • Look Inward to Discover the 'Self'

  • Create and Identify Core Boundaries

  • Learn Communication Skills to Develop Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Become an Active Participant In Your Own Therapy

  • Focus On Solutions Rather Than Problems


Julie Galloway utilizes an array of therapeutic approaches to find the correct response for the needs of her client. From Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Play Therapy to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, each client will have access to the modalities that offer them the solutions they can count on. Throughout their journey with Julie, clients will work on challenges and homework between sessions to continue furthering their progress while away from the office.

Galloway Counseling Services, LLC was established by Julie Galloway, LPC. A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Master of Science in Counselor Education, Julie now offers her mental health counseling services to individuals in need through her private practice in Lafayette, LA. With a focus on dynamic and multi-faceted therapeutic approaches, Julie endeavors to become the source of support clients need to overcome obstacles within their lives.

To pursue individual counseling services, merely contact Julie Galloway LPC today to learn more!

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