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Family Counseling

Heal Broken Bonds & Learn to Communicate Properly With a Family Counseling Professional.

The interpersonal relationships we share within the family unit are deep, important, and complicated. Stress and conflict can manifest within even the happiest of households, leading to further tension between family members. When it comes time to tend to these frayed or potentially damaged relationships, it can help to hire the best family counseling near me.

Galloway Counseling Services, LLC: Repairing Family Relationships

There are many reasons why a family may turn to a family counseling professional for support. Interpersonal relationships can become toxic, convoluted, and conflicted due to varying life events. The loss of a child, poor communication, or even helping to overcome behavioral issues are among the most common catalysts for family therapy.

Family counseling near me at Galloway Counseling Services endeavors to rebuild relationships by focusing on specific and agreed upon issues within the family unit. This allows Julie Galloway LPC to work with families toward actionable solutions to the potential problems faced within the family unit. After developing clear goals, Julie will lead families through solution-focused and change-oriented interventions.

Developing a healthier and happier family doesn't end when we leave our counseling sessions. Julie believes in taking challenges and homework back to the household to continue pushing for progress between sessions. As families go through counseling services with Julie, they will find that their communication clarifies as their effort intensifies.

Common Perks of Family Counseling Near Me Include:

  • Gain Clarity Regarding Specific Familial Issues

  • Assess Problem In a Safe, Open, and Judgement-free Space

  • Learn Effective Communication Tools To Reduce Stressors

  • Take Home A Selection Of Problem-Solving Techniques


Julie Galloway is a Licensed Professional Counselor offering family counseling through her private practice in Lafayette, LA. Julie attended and graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with her Master of Science in Counselor Education. Interested family units can reach out to Julie through the Galloway Counseling Services website to schedule a session.

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