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The Greatest Influencers- People Who Make Ripples

The ripple effect is described as a spreading, usually unintentional acts and words that create shifts or changes in another person. The ripple will not only impact their life, but others around them for a lifetime.

I've been borderline obsessed with documentaries for a long time now. I love them all. However, my favorites are the ones about people who create huge movements in nations, states, cities and communities. The people who help others for no other reason but their belief in the greater good. These are the binge worthy kind of documentaries that leave my heart happy to be a human but also motivated to be a better human.

These documentaries are about people who are not the ripple makers they are tidal wave creators. Big influencers like Temple Grandon, Michael Jordon, Brene Brown and Nelson Mendala are just a few who have created movements that have changed millions of lives. These amazing humans have powerful impacts on our lives yet, we most likely will never meet them. They are seen on the documentaries, the posters and quotes we love and live by.

After watching Last Chance U, Basketball Documentary on Netflix, I fell in awe of Coach Mosely. (Do yourself a favor and watch this series, it's that good). This documentary had me thinking about the importance of influencers in our lives. As a mental health professional, I know that there are negative influences that create ripples, too, but I want to focus on the positive influencers in this blog.

It doesn't take a major player to make a change in a person's life. The greatest influencers are usually found right under our noses.

It's hard to find the good when we are trapped in the dark but it's our choice to find those people who are the positive lights...they are everywhere. The truest and greatest influencers are the people who touch us personally, the people who believe in us, who support us and aren't afraid to have difficult conversations with us. These are the people who are the ripple makers, the people who with their words and actions create the biggest movements in our personal growth and learning.

Great influencers that are present on the daily are front line influencers...the people who we take for granted. These are our teachers, pastor, coaches and family members.

I chose my influencer and you can, too.

I knew when I met my father in law for the first time, that he was different than any human I had ever met. As a young woman, he spoke to me with respect and asked me questions that my young mind couldn't possibly answer. It was not long before I knew that he was the person that was going to be my greatest teacher. My father in law is responsible for changing the way I see myself and the world.

His personal story is truly unbelievable, his life was not without challenges and obstacles...mainly from the ones he created yet he achieved an incredible amount in his life. It's fair to say that my father in law is an intense human being who is passionate about the people and things he loves. When he gives he gives from his heart, with no strings attached.

His greatest contributions as an influencer comes from his words and actions. He isn't afraid to have hard conversations and has no problem calling you out when you need it . He has first hand experience when it comes to personal struggles, so he understand them but gives no pity. And if you are lucky enough to know him, you know he will push you to work smart and will expect excellence because he believes both are achievable.

For 30 years, I have had a front row seat to observing, witnessing and listened to him. I ask questions and I am interested in his opinions because it matters to me. Throughout the 30 years, I have faced adversity from the most unexpected people and places; it is his words that echo in my ears and often come out of my mouth. It is his pebbles that have created the ripples for me to have courage when I feel I have none, the strength to stand up for myself, and the wit to handle the tough moments.

The great influencers are the people who matter to us.

It's our choice who we let in and who we ignore. I'm so honored I had the opportunity to learn from my father in law and I am grateful, I was smart enough to listen. Our conversations are the pebbles that will continue to influence me and ripple on to those around me... for a lifetime.

To be an influencer, your exposure to another person doesn't have to be complicated and it certainly doesn't have to take 30 years. The formula is simple...

One moment + One person= Change

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