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I'll Take an Order of Happiness to Go...

There are no road signs to the land of happiness. Can't sell or purchase happiness. No possibilities to bottle it up... so... how do you get it? We must be our own chef if we want a helping of happiness.

As a psychotherapist, I work with clients who are in the pursuit of happiness. It's not shocking to hear that most of my clients struggle to define what happiness really means to them. But if we can't define it, then how will we know when we are in the state of happiness?? And why do we want to supersize it?

It's true, happiness plays a huge role in our lives and can have an even bigger impact on the way we live, love and parent our children. The recipe for happiness depends on who you are asking but basically, happiness is a positive emotional experience and it comes from the way we think.

To be happy takes practice. Happiness can be a choice. It is an intentional state of being that can not be found in possessions and through other people. It's a training of the mind and a willingness to change old habits. This does not mean that if you are feeling sad today, that you have failed, it's not an all or nothing experience. Happiness is a conscious decision made every day, a promise to try.

Let's break it down to smaller bites.

How do I GET IT?

  • Pursue intrinsic goals

  • Enjoy the moment

  • Practice Gratitude

  • Show Gratitude

  • Reframe those negative thoughts

  • Exercise regularly

  • Meet new people

  • Go outside

  • Let go of the unrealistic expectations of self and others

  • Be honest

  • Help someone

  • Do something meaningful

Wait, I GOT IT.

Finding happiness can be as simple as looking around for the main ingredients like

  • Contentment

  • Enjoyment

  • Peace

  • Hope

  • Excitement

  • Gratitude

  • Pride

  • Optimism

It's all GOOD!

Experiencing happiness has been proven to

  • Increases your satisfaction with life

  • Builds stronger relationships

  • Improves your health and longevity

  • Supports resilience

  • Creates healthier behaviors

  • Increases immunity

Your order is up! A helping of happiness with a side of you got this.

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